Mr Burger

We came up with a summer festival campaign for Mr. Burger (, a food truck company from Melbourne Australia, to put the brand in the spotlight and let the costumers create with a whole new burger flavor.

The festival visitors will be able to download our app in the App Store. Through interaction with other festival visitors they can create and obtain a free burger. There’s also a fully responsive campaign website (+ admin panel), with all the information you need, a mac app paying system and a motion graphics which explains the campaign.

This project was made in only three weeks. The main goal of the iPhone app is creating a new burger with other festival visitors. When starting the game each player will be assigned an ingredient category in which you can choose an ingredient of your choice. You can create a burger by finding matching ingredients on the festival (nearby the truck) and putting your iPhones in a burger pile. The iPhones will send messages to each other so they know they’re in a burger together. Once you’re burger is ready you will get a QR code which will be scanned by our Paying system (Mac App) and you’ll get your burger for free. You can also save your burger for later, in that case we can send you push notifications so you won’t forget to get your free burger. Sending notifications can be done through the admin panel we created. You can also add, edit or delete events in this panel. This panel also has a paying system as a fallback for windows users. The burger you’ve created will be shown in the gallery on the website. Users can vote on their favorite burger. The chefs of the burger with the most votes will get their festival ticket refunded and this flavor will be added to the menu. We also created a poster with information about the campaign to distribute around the festival.

A project by Pieter Beulque, Thomas Degry and Tatiana Van Campenhout

  • October, 2013
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • UI/UX
  • Objective-c

Made with and a little bit frustration